Pure Internet Marketing - Part 3

So I’ve covered what affiliate marketing is all about… how they are promoted with and without websites…. I touched on keyword research. Now a few more things to rap this up.

Obviously Affiliate Marketing is probably the biggest opportunity to make money when it comes to “Pure Internet Marketing”. There are other things you can do to make money without a product or service…

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One of the biggest and most popular ways besides Affiliate Marketing is Google Adsense. There are some other similar programs, but this is the one most people think about. Essentially Adsense is a feed… a simple script you put on your webpage that will feed advertisements. These ads are drawn from Google Adwords Campaigns… Pay Per Click.


Pure Internet Marketing - Part 1

So you put a set of ads on your website and when someone clicks on them you get paid. Paid Per Click! It could be a few cents or dollars. So all you need to do is drive traffic to that page… It’s a simple formula. The more traffic you have, the more money you make. The more targeted the traffic, the more clicks you get and, again, the more money you make.

I’m not going to get into right now how Adwords and Adsense specifically work as far as bidding and other details. I just want to, at this point, provide you with some basics and give you an overview of what’s possible online. So Affiliate Marketing & Adsense…

To go back a bit to Affiliate Marketing, many people actually promote these programs using Google Adwords. Either to drive traffic to a landing page or to go straight to the merchant. I have even heard of people using Google Adwords to drive business to an Adsense laced page with some success. As long as your Adwords cost is low and your Adsense clicks are high, you can make some money! You just provide some good content and surround it with Ads.

Of course, as your websites increase in popularity… matures… you can begin to sell ad space to people. You could focus on creating a giant e-mail list and charge people to advertise or post articles to your subscribers… So Pure Internet Marketing is dynamic! It’s an opportunity for someone to come online and make some money fairly quickly without having to go through the process of developing a product or service.

Of course you need to promote these things… Market them… thus the title.

There are endless ways to market things like Affiliate Programs and Adsense. That’s a whole ‘nether topic or post… BUT, Now you know one way to make money online!
So the introductory post to this 3 part series includes some other ways to make money online (Making Money Online). I will tackle those next.

Until then, go and make some money!! 

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