Pure Internet Marketing - Part 2

So let’s see… I covered the basics of affiliate marketing so far. You should understand that concept. I would imagine many of you that are reading this already understand it, so some of this may be review or just basic… BUT I want to cover the basics first so EVERYONE has a good foundation…

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Pure Internet Marketing - Part 1

Now let’s say we’re signed up as an affiliate. Now what?
How you approach this is going to depend on where you are coming from.

1) You might have an existing website and you’ve just discovered affiliate marketing and would like to implement this on your website. You already have your market and traffic. Maybe… Unless you’re just starting out. Then you need to find traffic…
2) You may have A site or Several websites and you want to start fresh and build a new website just for affiliate marketing

3) You want to do affiliate marketing, but you don’t want to build a site… YES, that can be done!
4) You’re just starting out and you want to do affiliate marketing and build a website or landing pages to promote the programs… OR you want to build a 100 or more websites.

Those are just 4 scenarios… One thing you have to be careful with online is that many people will try to sell you on one way of doing things. They will convince you to drop everything and go in their direction.

STOP, you don’t need to do what the herd is doing! Everyone is unique and has a different set up and background… you can build from where you are. It’s not what you got or want that will make you a success, it’s action! So take what you have and go from there… you don’t have to start over; you don’t necessarily change directions… just add another dimension.

Unless of course your realize that you are in a hopeless situation… then just follow your gut. If you think the time and money would be better spent in another direction, then end it…
Again, this is all dependent on YOUR situation. This is not a one size fits all internet.

THE BEST PLACE to be though is your passion… working in markets that you are passionate about will give your campaigns and efforts more energy… and you will most likely find it easier and have better results!

OF COURSE learn and emulate what the successful people are doing, but don’t get consumed with the “you gotta do this” hype… once you’ve decided what to do, focus.

The traffic that you get to your pages with affiliate programs need to be as targeted as possible to your content and your content should match your affiliate programs or vice versa.

So you should NOT have people looking for televisions coming to your computer store.

How successful you are really depends on the market you are in and how you are doing compared to your competition. If you have a competitive market like mortgages or school loans, then you need to buckle down because it will be a battle and you are probably going to have to spend money to make money…

ON THE OTHER HAND… the best thing to do is to start from scratch and research markets to find niches that you can tap into. A niche is simply a market that is maybe unique or on the outer fringe… You can often brake a large market into smaller markets fairly easily.

These niche markets will probably get less traffic, but you will also have less competition.

This is where keyword research comes in. An excellent tool to research with and one I recommend highly is Micro Niche Finder click here to download for free if the link not working comment below for update, LongTailPro_3.0 click here to download for free and google keyword planner… 

Click Here to use this tool

When we’re talking about niches, normally the best niches are those that have little competition in Search Engines or in Pay Per Click Advertising… People search using keywords and keyword phrases. Find the right keyword that people are searching with and you will find a lot of traffic hitting your website… For search engines, that is FREE traffic!

So you use the tool above to find those niches. You plug in a keyword and it will bring up all kinds of results for people that have searched for that word or words in the last month AND it will also give you results for related or similar words and phrases AND it will show you how much competition there is!… cool stuff; check it out…

One last thing before I go… YOU can do well without a website. Many people are still doing this… there were recent changes to a policy at Google that put a damper on things a bit, but it’s still alive and well… it’s called Pay Per Click Advertising and driving business straight to the merchant.

Well, gotta go… Stay tuned for some more great info to come!
And remember… “Action is key!”

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